Calvary Community Development Corporation (CCDC) was incorporated in November, 2000 by a group of concerned members of Second Baptist Church of Pedricktown, N.J. who recognized the need for a locally based effort to stimulate individuals and community development through economic development activities and programs. CCDC is not a religious organization, but a “Faith-Based” organization that does not promote a particular denomination or restrict participation to those who ascribe to a certain set of religious beliefs. The corporation’s philosophy and vision is rooted in Christian principles and the acknowledgment of spirituality as an important dimension in human life.

The corporation’s mission, through those economic development activities and programs, is to address interrelated social problems, including poverty, teen pregnancy, family disintegration, academic underachievement, substance abuse, delinquency, crime, and health problems; to encourage economic revitalization in the areas such as housing, senior care/day care and employment; to foster further development by forming partnerships with schools, mental health care agencies, community groups, municipal governments, public housing authorities, and other social services providers that have the desire and capacity to implement effective programs; to promote and encourage the development of a sense purpose and accomplishment in the disadvantaged and less fortunate

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